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We find joy in bringing people together to create memories and learn the art of floral design! 
Our instructor will guide you step-by-step as you learn a new skill, building an arrangement using floral foam, and creating a classic beauty bouquet. Sparkle, dazzle and shine with this colorful atelier. Our Floral Ateliers are perfect for beginning and intermediate participants.
You can expect to learn the method of design using only fresh flowers, where arrangements are explicitly created to highlight each flower's most beautiful and unique characteristics.
Whether you are looking to "spruce up" your team-building events, just for an excuse to get some friends together,  or want to socialize and meet new people, we would love to bring some floral fun! 

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Do you want your child to feel like a creator? Are you looking for a way to help him develop fine motor skills?
Then welcome to our Floral Atelier! Here your child will realize their creative abilities by creating an original bouquet.

At the same time, kids will enjoy contact with fresh flowers and leaves. They will enjoy looking at them, touching real slightly cool leaves and petals. And, of course, he will be able to find out how fresh, barely cut flowers smell.

This is a hands-on atelier, and kids' hands make the bouquets and bring them home to offer to moms, sisters, grandmas.


In this atelier, a parent and a kid will learn the basic floral design techniques: how to use colors and understand the texture and floral layering structure. Our florist will provide a demo to build a flower arrangement, and then, together with your kid will be able to make a beautiful bouquet to take it home. You will be surprised by what you and your kid can create together. 
Join us with your kid and learn the secrets of floral arrangements and to spend quality time.

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