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Whether you’ve already adopted a plant-based lifestyle or are keen to explore the foundations, these practical, hands-on ateliers will provide you with new ideas and fresh approaches to vegetables and another exciting fare designed to elevate your cooking skills to an impressive new level. Embrace various unique flavors and discover how to prepare a broad range of well-loved, wholesome dishes using entirely plant-based ingredients.

about Atelies


Learning essential health principles and easy plant-based cooking as a child can be a great bonus for you as an adult. One of the most significant benefits of cooking for children is that it can help them develop an adventurous and varied taste palette. Those involved in the cooking process are generally keener to try new foods. Children learn by touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, observing, reading, and listening. This is why the kitchen is a perfect environment for learning – it hits a range of senses and a range of learning styles.


A kitchen is an excellent place for kids to spend quality time with their parents, siblings or friends and to cooperate and communicate, building stronger relationships. It can be a place to talk about traditions through passed-down family recipes, or it can simply be a place to catch up with day-to-day life.

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